Blue lives matter and we’re proud to help show our support for all of the men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives daily to police our communities

Helping you raise funds to say,

“Blue lives matter!”


Order Individual Rings


          Step 1

You can download our Blue Life Matters order sheet to help you organize your pre-sale

or keep track on your own.

Step 2

Set your price. The average retail price of these rings is $15.00. You can set your price to be a donation or $20 or whatever you think is best for your fund raiser. It’s up to you. WE’RE GIVING YOU A VERY HIGH RATE OF RETURN COMPARED TO MANY FUND RAISING PROGRAMS

          Step 3

Pre-sell and track your orders. Sizes 8 to 13. No minimum order of any one size.

Step 4

Submit your order by email or phone. We will invoice you, then place the order and ship your rings.

Step 5

Deliver your rings and encourage them to be worn to show their support for the men and women working in law enforcement.

Discounted rings allow you to pre-sell and raise funds

There’s no up-front costs!

Orders of 50 or more rings priced at $8 each.

Your suggested pre-sell price is $15.

This is your fund raiser,

You can set the price higher or by donation

Orders of 50 or more rings will be billed $8 per ring plus shipping. Orders of 100 or more $7. Orders of 300 or more rings, you will be billed $6 per ring plus shipping.

Orders of less than 50 cost  $12.97 and can be ordered directly through our NAK Fitness Partners by Clicking HERE

A special thank you for the work you do. Our sincere hopes this helps

Questions and to email your fund raising orders at

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